From bus trips and kerbs to shop entrances with steps: the SMOOV one makes your daily life much easier and saves you a lot of physical effort. With a range of up to 20 km, SMOOV’s powerful drive handles up to 140 kg body weight and gets you to your destination in style. You can easily charge the battery from any mains socket.From rubble and wet roads to slippery floors: the tyre treads combined with the innovative drive make sure that you reach your destination safely. Even in the dark, the SMOOV keeps you safe: the integrated LED light makes sure that you will be seen.With a maximum speed of 10 km/h, the SMOOV is your nippy every-day companion. You can even drive over kerbs and edges thanks to the flexible wheel and the 360° swivel fork.



  • Integrated battery with up to 20 km range
  • Wireless control via Bluetooth
  • USB-C socket – Charge the control unit or a smartphone
  • Only 7.2kgs