PAWS Tourer 20″ PAWS Tourer 20″PAWS Tourer 20″

PAWS Tourer 20″

Leading engineers, ergonomists and therapists have worked together with wheelchair users to create the most comfortable and user-friendly power add-on on the market: PAWS, short for Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems. PAWS is a great alternative to the car and is ideal for longer trips in the city and the countryside. It has the easiest and most universal docking system on the market and offers several practical features that make it easy and comfortable to use. Every PAWS creates its own story of freedom – meet family and friends, participate in activities together or go for a solo adventure.


  • PAWS Tourer is the true off-road stager, ideal for adventures in rougher terrain.
  • With a 20” wheel and 4” fat tyre, you will easily get to places that would be difficult for other models.
  • Does not need any frame alteration or additional add-ons to your wheelchair
  • A standard 48V11.2Ah lithium-ion battery delivers 556 watts
  • PAWS has an IP54 waterproof rating and can withstand rain and moisture
  • The range of adjustment in the clamping system allows a wide range of folding and rigid frame chairs to be fitted.
  • Automatic clamping & lifting or Manual clamping & lifting
  • Normal o Tetra handles
  • Track assistance: self-centering tracking
  • Tools: A full set of adjusting provided with each PAWS