Wheelchairs Done Differently.

We have a non-traditional approach,
and we’re not afraid to use it

Peter Kerkhof has been working in the wheelchair business since 2001.

He started as a sales rep for various wheelchair dealers in the Netherlands, New South Wales, and Perth. Peter’s favourite part of his rep role was connecting with clients and helping them choose the best mobility equipment for their needs.

This inspired Peter to venture out on his own.

Wanting to provide quality, customisable products made by family-owned manufacturers, Peter established Wild West Wheelchairs in 2017.

From the back of a food van to a showroom in Malaga

We started as a mobile repair service, working out the back of a food van! Now we design and supply custom wheelchairs from our showroom in Malaga and run a reliable mobile repair service in a more appropriate vehicle.

Jack O’Keeffe joined Wild West in 2021. Where Peter has specialised technical knowledge (including a BSc in Kinetic Technology and a Masters in Engineering), Jack has real-life experience in a wheelchair, a passion for education (Masters in Secondary Education), and a whole lotta positive attitude.

Together, we are a dynamic duo of technical knowledge shared in a relatable style so that our clients are empowered to live their life their way.

Less clinical. More compassionate.

We are personally involved in everything we do. We love talking with clients. Tinkering with chairs. Building relationships. We test every new product. If we can break it, we won’t stock it. We do what we can to deliver the best end result for our clients.

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Our commitment
is to you

We go off-script more than any other wheelchair supplier to give you the chair that meets your needs and looks like it should – a 100% complete product.

Other suppliers might put this level of customisation into the too hard basket – “You don’t need the leg hangers? Oh, just take them off and stick them in a cupboard.”

At Wild West Wheelchairs
  • We create possibilities.
  • We think differently.
  • We deliver precision.
  • We see potential.

We customise wheelchairs beyond what others think is possible to design a chair that is uniquely yours.

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