Wild West Wheelchairs is a highly professional company with many years experience in the disability equipment sector in Australia (and soon New Zealand too). Our primary focus is a high level of service towards the end user, therapists, funding bodies and dealers. We carry a range of wheelchairs and accessories for both the local and domestic (Aus and NZ) market.We provide a selection of services to all clients to support their unique needs.



We can repair mechanical and electronic problems with any brand wheelchair, manual or power.Our repairs are conducted to the highest standing getting you back in action as fast as possible.
Proper maintenance will help prevent emergency repairs and equipment failure putting you out of commission.Regular preventative maintenance will ensure all components are functioning to their peak performance giving you extended life and preventing inconvenience.
We offer complete Sales services in Western Australia of leading brands in manual and power wheelchairs, push assist systems, seating solutions and parts.We can access the latest models and technology available on the international market finding you the right solution for you needs.
Power wheelchair diagnostics and programming can be performed on most brands of wheelchairs.Using the latest servicing and calibration equipment complex electronic systems can be configured to ensure you get the optimum performance from your onboard systems.


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Aaron Fotheringham


Just another day on the MegaRamp while filming with Guinness World Records .

3 days ago

One of our clients is selling his trike. Any bikies out there?

This is a special order trike powered with a 1600 Ford Laser motor and automatic gearbox ... Low kilometres owner can’t use this vehicle any longer as his health has deteriorated
Perfect vehicle ... See more

3 days ago
Photos from Wild West Wheelchairs's post

Check out this black beauty! #O4 Easy Hopper, #spinergy wheel, #naturalfit push rims.
Trialled at the library, build in The Netherlands, on its way to Kalgoorlie right now.
The pads on the front are ... See more


Pete is very responsive to calls and will go out of his way for you Like last night he came and did a smart drive test at 5.30pm after work hours good on you Pete!


Thank you Peter for going above and beyond after hours to help me in a potentially really bad situation. My chair shut down for no reason at night and after being on the phone you directed us on how to fix it. Cant thank you enough man



Peter knows what he talking about. thank you so much for your information



Peter really knows his stuff which is why I get him to script and look after my equipment.



Peter saved our bacon! Mums gopher tyre went flat AGAIN! He fitted us in first thing Monday and could not be more grateful!!! Highly recommend

Lee Ann