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The idea behind the e-motion is simple: You can add the e-motion drive wheels to almost any wheelchair using two discrete adapters. While moving, sensors built into the push rims measure your drive movement and provide you with the desired power. This allows you to move, steer and brake your wheelchair with very little effort. With a weight of only 17 lbs. per drive wheel, the e-motion is one of the lightest active add-on drives available.

Numerous independent studies have shown that the use of power-assist can help a wheelchair user reduce strain on their muscles and joints and give them the additional power they need to get through their day. Simply replace your current wheelchair wheels with the e-motion wheels.  The e-motion has a powerful in-hub motor and li-ion batteries.



  • Up to 24km on a single charge
  • Cruise Control
  • Assisted Braking when going downhill
  • Roll-back-delay automatically holds position for 5 seconds after release of the handrim when driving uphill
  • Safe for air transport in the cargo area of an airplane