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Your ideal wheelchair awaits

Wheelchair customisation

When you come into the Wild West Wheelchairs showroom, we spend time with you to find out what you need from your wheelchair. We want to give you the best mobility and independence for your lifestyle.

Wheelchairs have a ‘script’ that allows for some changes, but this script is not tailored to your individual needs. It is a standard script for that chair. Basically, what you can and can’t do to modify that wheelchair.

  • At Wild West Wheelchairs, we go off-script to create a chair that is truly yours.
  • We get to know you.
  • We take this information directly to our manufacturers.
  • And we deliver the best end result possible – the perfect mobility solution for you.
Let’s talk custom wheelchairs

Mobile repairs

We come to you so you can have your wheelchair fixed in the comfort of your own home. We also travel to regional areas in Western Australia to repair wheelchairs for clients who live outside of metropolitan Perth.

We fix mechanical and electrical problems on any brand wheelchair, manual or powered, even if you didn’t buy it from us.

Wheelchair maintenance

Extend your chair’s life and make sure all the components are functioning at their peak capacity with regular preventative maintenance.

Regular maintenance is one way to avoid emergency repairs. We work on any wheelchair. And we can come to you to get it done.

Wheelchair electronics

If you have a powered wheelchair, we can perform diagnostics and programming to ensure you get the best out of your onboard systems. We’ll get you back on track in no time.

Wheelchair products and accessories

We have a range of quality wheelchairs and accessories for you to view and try in our showroom. Come with your OT and get scripted up right away. Or have a browse first. We are also happy to organise home trials of our wheelchairs to make sure you get the best equipment to suit your lifestyle.

We won’t sell you more than you need. If you just need a pair of new tyres, we’ll sell you tyres. We have a range of accessories available and will spend time with you to help find what you’re looking for.