THEMIS is a first wheelchair choice for every user, and an ever changing ally you’d love to choose anytime. THEMIS is a journey through the ideal set up, to the inner part of you and your balance. The ergonomic tubes are excellent when grabbing the wheelchair: their hand-friendly shape make wheelchair transfers easier. THEMIS’ rigid frame is made out of aluminium and carbon details, like the footrest or the sideguards. Every day we feel a little bit different from the day before. Changing is natural and positive. Choose the way you want to sit and feel free to change your general wheelchair set up by adjusting THEMIS’ elements. You will be amazed by your own possibility to change your life journey.

  • Ultra-light weight wheelchair
  • Aluminium rigid frame
  • Weight 10.5kg
  • Available seat width: from 34 to 44 cm
  • Aluminium clothes guards with carbon fibre wings
  • Foldaway brakes
  • New 24-spoke Ultralight wheels
  • Colour set; rim, hub, side panels and fork
  • Fix or adjustable rear axle
  • Growth kit upgrade for the growing young adult