Scout Mobility X10 Scout Mobility X10Scout Mobility X10Scout Mobility X10Scout Mobility X10Scout Mobility X10

Scout Mobility X10

The X10 Series power wheelchairs are characterized by simplicity and robustness, they have been developed for years and years of mobility use. Scout Mobility’s philosophy is simplicity in design and function. With powered lift, tilt, recline and leg-rest elevation – as either a centre-mounted foot-rest or separate leg hangers – the X10 can be customised for every user. The Agilo Seating System is comfort and style, but the X10 can be fitted with any seating system.

The Scout X10 comes in MWD, RWD or FWD, with a Slim-base and Paediatric version also available. There are options for head array controls, chin controls and attendant controls, as well as R-Net and LiNX joystick compatibility, making the Scout X10 a truly versatile Powered Wheelchair.


  • Mid Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive
  • X10 S Slim base version available
  • Paediatric version available
  • Crash Tested
  • 8 km/h and 10 km/h versions
  • Agilo Seating system, with 3rd party seating system compatibility
  • Full Frame Adjustability with simple tools
  • 13 Ah fast-charge capability