Scout Mobility X10 MWD Scout Mobility X10 MWDScout Mobility X10 MWDScout Mobility X10 MWDScout Mobility X10 MWD

Scout Mobility X10 MWD

Experience the difference with the X10 MWD, a robust electric wheelchair with mid-wheel drive. This all-rounder drives intuitively and offers exactly the mobility you need, with high seating comfort. Thanks to smart and sustainable Dutch design with an eye for functional details.

With its compact turning circle and low seat height (from 39 cm), this is the ideal wheelchair for daily use. You have maximum control and can maneuver easily. You can also drive comfortably and stably outside with this reliable mid-wheel drive wheelchair. Thanks to the powerful engines, independent suspension and gyro control (optional). 

Tailor the X10 MWD to your needs with easy-to-use control options and electrical adjustments. The memory functions give you immediate access to your favorite seating positions.

Thanks to the position of the drive wheels – in the middle – this powerful electric wheelchair rotates around its own axis and you can drive very intuitively. You maneuver smoothly in compact spaces and experience more grip outdoors. The six wheels follow the surface and shocks are cleverly absorbed. This way you always enjoy safe and stable driving, even on challenging terrain.


  • Mid Wheel Drive, Rear Wheel Drive, Front Wheel Drive
  • X10 S Slim base version available
  • Paediatric version available
  • Crash Tested
  • 8 km/h and 10 km/h versions
  • Agilo Seating system, with 3rd party seating system compatibility
  • Full Frame Adjustability with simple tools
  • 13 Ah fast-charge capability