From a partnership with Able To Enjoy the new offcarr wheelchair that meets the needs of personality and design. Previewed at Milan Fashion Week 2018, the new FIXED wheelchair created in partnership with Able To Enjoy responds to the new demands of beauty, design and functionality. FIXED is a superleggera wheelchair with fixed frame that combines high technological content with a product that speaks of identity. The innovative and fashion design signed by Danilo Ragona (Able To Enjoy) merges with the technical skill and thirty-year experience of OFFCARR. FIXED is both a unique product and a new concept: the fixed 25 ” to 28 ” bicycle wheels change the perspective of the classic wheelchair. Height, momentum, easy push and possibility of application of the EASYFIXED accessory: with many frame colours and many possible combinations FIXED becomes an accessory, an extension of oneself. Customisation and interpretation are key points of the new FIXED concept. The wheelchair should be worn with its own style and responds to the requests of dynamism of the most active users.