Ruby is a Wheelchair with fixed frame for children. Pram for children with aluminium frame, highly adjustable to customise the aid, equipped with a folding backrest and quick-release wheels for easy transport. The wheelchair can be supplied with standard or abeduct front. The backrest can be retrofitted by 2 or 4 cm to vary the depth of the seat, to accommodate any posture systems without compromising the wheelchair trim


  • Different models of clothes guards
  • Aluminium ridig frame
  • Standard frame or abducted frame (seat width + 6 cm)
  • Not detachable foot-rests with single or separate tilt adjustable foot-plate
  • Height adjustable foot-plates
  • Possibility to adjust the front, rear seat/floor height without changing the clothes guard and brake position
  • Quick-release rear wheels
  • Ultra-lightweight wheelchair (kids)
  • 3 year frame warranty
  • Height adjustable arm-rests
  • Fixed seat sized No Adjustment
  • Folding down back-rest with tension adjustable back-rest upholstery
  • Rear pocket