Free time is something valuable and time well spent brings joy and health. Cycling outdoor with your wheelchair and your unicicle is one of the best leisure moments you can live in a day: enjoy nature surrounding you, sunsets or city sklylines.

To live moments like these Offcarr designed and developed the unicicle EASYBIKE, available in several versions for adults and for children.

Steel frame, suitable for manual wheelchairs with fixed footrests (not detachable).

Available with tetraplegic handles too.


    The unicicle EASYBIKE by Offcarr makes you see the world in a different way. The version EASYBIKE 8CR is endowed with Revo Shift on the hub with 8 internal switches and the coaster brake. Available also for kids. It can be completed with tetraplegic handles for tetraplegic users.

    • Anti tip device with standard or hidden arch
    • Rear wheels camber 16°, 18° or 20°
    • Titanium pushrims included
    • Adults or kids version


    The unicicle EASYBIKE, version 8F, is different from the 8CR model for the hub shift with 8 internal switches with brake lever. Available for kids also. It can be completed with tetraplegic handles for tetraplegic users.


    The most full optional and professional model is EASYBIKE 27. 27 external Shimano Shift and double brake with handles levers. EASYBIKE 27 is a solid basis for the everyday sport activities in complete freedom. It’s the perfect means to enjoy open air life.