The EasyHopper is a sporty, contemporary wheelchair with an attractive curved aluminium frame. For the independent user who leads an active and energetic life, this organically designed wheelchair offers a large number of settings allowing a high degree of seating comfort and excellent riding characteristics. The EasyHopper is intended for anyone with a disability who wants to pursue an active life. The EasyHopper encourages the optimum possible sitting position for wheelchair users with a neurological condition, any type of paralysis, age-related restricted mobility, increased levels of pain, damage to joints and limbs or amputations. The user can find an ideal balance between manoeuvrability and stability by the infinite adjustment of the RCA-Seat-System in relation to the rear wheels. The comfort of the ergonomically curved seat frame is increased by the additional backrest angle adjustment, which may be adjusted during use to change the sitting position as required.


  • Highly Adjustable
  • Curved Seat Frame
  • RCA Seat System
  • MWC 100 kg – AS/NZS 3695.1:2011